Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MRI Postponed

Liam's MRI is postponed until next week because he is sick. There is additional risk with anesthetic when you are sick, so we will wait.

Monday, November 18, 2013

9 Month Post Treatment MRI

As time goes by, we start to feel a little more "normal" between MRIs. We almost feel normal, then 3 months passes and the MRI reminds us of how life is not normal when someone in your life has cancer. Every time it takes time to recover from the emotional exhaustion of the tests and waiting for results. Cancer is evil, and having it return is devastating. (For medulloblastoma, the survival rate of relapse is less than 5%) Liam is doing so amazing, I wish we could say we were "out of the water". We are still in the highest risk time frame, hence why MRIs are still every 3 months. Once we have passed the 2 year mark, we can breathe slightly easier, and MRIs become less frequent. At 5 years out, we'll be much more relieved.

I got the confirmation call from Diagnostic Imaging today, so scanxiety has officially kicked in. Liam's 9 month MRI is next week. We are happy that we got a morning appointment, since he has to fast before the appointment. The 9 month follow up does not include a lumbar puncture.