Tuesday, December 3, 2013

9 Month Post Treatment Scans All Clear

Liam had his MRI under anesthetic this morning. He was not allowed to eat this morning, so he was very grumpy! He ran around the house yelling "where did you hide my Cheerios?". We pulled out an emergency stash of Lego men for distraction. I had to carry him to the car because he wouldn't go, then I plunked the iPad into his hands.

Everything went smoothly at the hospital. Liam really fought the anesthetic though. He knows that it makes him "wobbly" after and really didn't want it. They use a mask with gas first, then put the IV into his hand. We keep talking about doing it without anesthetic, but the MRI takes around 1 1/2 hour to do his head and spine. That is a long time for him to stay still. They may not get the details that we want if he moves around. They use contrast every time, so he has to get an IV, might be just as well that he's put under for that.

Liam woke up extremely grumpy from the anesthetic today! He's not usually this grumpy. The nurse offered him a stuffy, play dough or stickers and he refused all of them.

I was better able to smile through Liam's grumbling and crying on the way home, because I already received an email saying the preliminary results are all clear!!

We have our clinic appointment on Monday, so we'll talk to the doctor then. It is SO awesome that they can take a look and give us a heads up so quickly. 

Next scans again in 3 months. Nice to not have this on our mind for Christmas.