Friday, August 21, 2015

MRI, Camp & Tour for Kids

I must admit, I do not remember to post to the blog these days. I am happy to say that life is mostly "normal" and not blogworthy!

The best news of the summer is that Liam had another clear MRI. This time was another full head and spine MRI with contrast. The enhanced areas in the spine that they were watching did not appear in this MRI. We haven't actually had Liam's checkup with the oncologist yet. We went straight from Liam's MRI to vacation, then the oncologist was on vacation when we got back, so we don't see her until the end of this month. The neurosurgeon is/was also on vacation, so we haven't seen him either. Such is life in Calgary, summer is short. We still keep in touch with the neurosurgeon to review the hydrocephalus after the surgery in November. I don't know how long we stay on 6 month MRIs... I still just focus on getting through one MRI at a time.

We had another wonderful Tour for Kids Alberta ride in July! We had a very chilly, wet first day. Then Day 2 & 3 were sunny and beautiful. It is such an amazing group of riders and volunteers. The Tour for Kids is a challenging and emotional experience, I am so proud to be a small part of it. Thank you to everyone who supported to me! Thank you for putting a smile on a child's face and helping families who have endure this awful disease. I can tell you first hand that Kids Cancer Care and Camp Kindle have been such a support to us since Liam's was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2012.

Liam and Madison both attended Kids Cancer Care's Camp Sunrise again this year. They had a great time and loved it very much. They attended day camp in Calgary, and they stayed overnight at Camp Kindle Thursday night. They did great at overnight camp and loved it! They have some very special friends that have been at camp together a few years now.

When I think back to this time of year in 2012 when Liam was in the middle of treatment, it is hard to believe Liam is going to be starting grade 2 this year. Treatment has left Liam with challenges, but we continue to figure out how to adapt. We are very fortunate that the school has been helpful in working with us to support Liam. Grade 2, here he comes!