Sunday, October 20, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today was the last day Liam had chemo. Although, the end of treatment wasn't until Jan 29, 2013, the end of 6 months of chemo was a huge milestone. October 31 was Liam's last day on unit 1. He spent 86 nights at the hospital between surgery and chemo. 

When I asked Liam how he felt being in the hospital on Halloween last year, he told me he was sad because he missed his sister. No doubt he did, he was in the hospital a good amount of the last 3 months.

Liam had chocolate cupcake on his face in the picture. It was one of the short times he did not have his NG tube during treatment.

Last week we had another touch base with the neurosurgeon. After finding out Liam is having double vision, we had to discuss if this was a symptom of the hydrocephalus (pressure on his brain). Since Liam is still on the cusp of having to do something about the hydrocephalus, the double vision was another concern. The good news is that the type of double vision Liam is having is not generally caused from pressure from hydrocephalus. The double vision is likely a side effect of the surgery. We are waiting on an appointment with the ophthalmologist to discuss what to do. They'll measure the hydrocephalus again in the next MRI already coming up next month.

Liam starts getting his immunizations this week. He can't get any live vaccinations until 2 years out. This week he'll be starting over with all the dead vaccines. After all he's been through, Liam fights very hard with every little medical thing. I'm not sure how the nurse is going to give him 4 shots, I'm sure it will cost us in more bribery toys!! I'm having a flashback to the last NG tube placement where Troy and a male nurse had to hold Liam down, while another nurse did the NG tube.


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