Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MRI Clear

What a relief. Another clear MRI, no sign of disease!

For the first time Liam did the MRI without anesthetic! It was just a head MRI, so it takes half the time of head and spine. Plus, no lumbar puncture (maybe no more ever!). Liam was able to listen to music, so Troy quickly downloaded The Lego Movie soundtrack. Part way through the MRI, they put the IV in Liam's arm, but it was a non issue because if the magical numbing cream. (Although Liam ran around screaming because he didn't want the cream) They still need the IV for the contrast to get better detail on the MRI.

Unfortunately, the hydrocephalus increased again. It hadn't increased since a year ago, so we thought it had resolved. We will have to go visit the neurosurgeon, but it isn't urgent. Sounds like we'll go late August.

Date wise, we are off schedule, but on the roadmap, this is the 1.5 year checkup.

And today was only $6 for parking! Record time in oncology. The nurse found Liam a Han Solo Lego figurine, Liam was very excited.

Dairy Queen for celebration!


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