Thursday, November 13, 2014

Liam is doing well

Yesterday was indeed a long day. Liam handled the fasting up to the surgery pretty well. He was quite emotional, but he was pretty nervous too.

Surgery started around 12:30. We got paged at 2:30ish. Liam woke up grumpy and irritated with the IV in his hand. The wonderful nurse found him a DVD player and Star Wars III, which he wasn't supposed to watch until he was older. Troy tried to distract Liam from the movie during the scary parts. Liam was very happy about the movie.

Liam had no pain or discomfort. He had no pain medications, just tylenol. Liam was a bit wobbly walking to the bathroom, but nothing abnormal.

Unfortunately, the hospital was jam packed and we had to wait in day surgery recovery for a looong time. It is not a comfortable place to hang out when Liam is feeling fine. They got Liam moved to a bed in unit 3 at 5:30.

Liam had an uneventful night and is feeling good this morning.

They will do a "quick head MRI" today to make sure everything looks good. (no anesthetic required) I'm not sure if they'll know if the surgery actually worked yet, it might be a long term monitoring thing to know if the csf is flowing better and the pressure on the 3rd ventricle is relieved. (there was 2 years of scans leading up to this surgery) I'll find out more from our wonderful team, Dr Hader and Kelly today.


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