Wednesday, January 9, 2013

16 of 30 Radiation Treatments Complete

Liam has done 16 of 30 daily radiation treatments. He's still doing very well, each treatment is done fairly quickly, and he's still doing them without anesthetic. (we have weekends off) This is the sticker chart that they made him to track how many treatments he's done. He doesn't have much redness or soreness in the area, but he lost all the new hair at the back/bottom of his head where he is getting radiation. It may not grow back there, or might be sparse, everyone seems to be different.

This week, Liam has become noticeably more tired, the radiation is taking a lot out of him. Unfortunately, this means he's not feeling 100% and therefore stopped eating as well. He was eating small amounts of milk, cereal, cookies and soup during the day. Yesterday, Liam didn't eat anything at all by mouth, today he ate one cookie. His weight is also a bit down, because we haven't been giving him full tube feeds, in hopes that he will get hungry and eat. As of yesterday, we're boosting the volume of tube feeds up again, so he doesn't lose weight. The tiredness is expected, and will likely last a few weeks (hopefully only a few weeks) after he is done radiation.

Liam ate birthday cake on the weekend!


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