Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Liam has been enjoying himself so much over the holidays.

We joined our neighbors in celebrating on New Year's Eve, Liam got to play with their new puppy, which he loved. Liam managed to stay awake until around 11:00pm, which surprised us since he's been asking to go to bed earlier lately. Just asking to go to bed tells us he is more tired, he would normally never do that.

New Year's Day, despite going to bed late, Liam was up early (as per usual). Then Liam attended 2 different get togethers on New Year's Day! He was SO happy to see his friends, and it felt so normal to be able to go to their houses and visit. It is difficult to describe how good normal feels right now.


Dustin Aleksiuk said...

Happy New Year Liam!

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