Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update from Oncologist & Surgery Tomorrow

We met with Liam's primary oncologist, Dr Lucie on Monday. She reviewed the MRI and lumbar puncture, and confirmed that results from both are all clear! The neurosurgeon wants to meet again regarding the hydrocephalus. We are really hoping it's not still increasing with the last MRI, or they'll start talking about putting in a shunt. A shunt to drain excess CSF from the brain is not abnormal with this type of tumour, but it means another surgery.

We received the surgery time for tomorrow morning, bye, bye "noodles"! Liam will have to keep the area of the central line insertion clean and covered for a few weeks. He will still have a few weeks before he can go swimming.

Having the central line removed does mean that Liam will need an IV/poke for future anesthetic or blood tests. For the next MRI, we will ask that we try to do it without anesthetic, since Liam did it for radiation. If anyone suggests any blood tests anytime soon, they will get an earful about not having done it before the central line came out!


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