Friday, March 1, 2013

Feeling better this morning

After I posted last night, Liam felt worse again. He was complaining that his head was hurting everywhere. He was even crying out "ow, my head". With all Liam has gone through, he's never cried out in pain like that before. Then he vomited again. After the doctor said "watch for meningitis" earlier today, we were just a tad on edge! There is a small risk of meningitis with the lumbar puncture.

I called the oncologist again last night. He reassured me that these symptoms sound very much like a lumbar puncture headache. You know it's a different world when the doctor asks if you have codeine or morphine for your child at home. (no, we don't have any) He also suggested we could give Liam caffeinated pop. Apparently, caffeine can relieve a lumbar puncture headache. Liam has never tried pop, but we weren't exactly keen on trying caffeine at night unless we were desperate.

Liam has already had 6 or 7 lumbar punctures. I'm glad he hasn't experienced this before. Thankfully, the protocol is 6 months until the next one. The doctor mentioned they can do some things different next time as well.

This morning, Liam "slept in" until 7:00. He promptly got up and started playing. That was very nice to see. After a couple of hours, he's a bit tired but he seems to be feeling good. Thankfully, he hasn't complained of head pain today so far. I just hope the vomiting hasn't set Liam back with the progress he's made with eating.


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