Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 5 Wish Trip - Legoland

The kids loved Legoland! Liam is a big fan of Lego, and the Lego people. He has a big collection of them, from when he was getting his radiation treatments. When he got to pick a prize from the basket after his treatment, for a while he was picking Lego people almost every day!


Look Stacey, I got surfers! And Madison got a Snow White Lego.

DSCN0259.JPG    DSCN0257.JPG

Liam got a bit scared on some of the rides at Disney, there were a lot rides at Legoland that were perfect for him. Which worked well, since they were ones that Madison could go on as well. It appears as though she will be our thrill seeker!



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