Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feeling Well & OT Sessions

Liam is feeling well and doing well. Having significantly less appointments is good for us all! Some days Liam is more tired, some days he has more energy. I have read that for some kids the fatigue can last years, so we'll just hope for the best.

Liam started his OT focused sessions this week. Until now, Liam's OT has mainly been suggestions of things to work on at home to build strength in his hands. This has been great, and has helped Liam come a long way with his fine motor skills. We decided that the most helpful would be to focus on Kindergarten prep activities, such as printing and scissor skills. They also have a student that is going to be working with Liam for 4 weekly sessions who has previous experience working with preschool kids.

Liam is not quite able to print letters. In our session, they watched Liam do some colouring. Liam seldom picks up the marker/crayon and holds it "correctly". I realized in the session that I always put the marker/crayon into position for him. They put a sticker on the web of Liam's hand to help him know where to position the marker. This is going to take some practice for him to do by himself.

When Liam holds the marker correctly, he holds it well. There are a few things Liam does that we need to work on. Liam tends to use his whole arm when he colours. And when he colours at the bottom of the page, he hooks his wrist to reach down.

I am happy that Liam is able to get this help in these areas. I know that some kids aren't keen on colouring at his age, Liam is in that same boat. But with the damage to Liam's brain (area affecting his motor skills), it is going to take Liam longer to gain the same skills. I'm happy to be working on these things now, and do small bit of work on them at a time. I hope this help will prevent Liam from getting frustrated, as that will just lead to him not wanting to do it.


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