Thursday, May 9, 2013

MRI Done

Liam's MRI was moved to an earlier time at 9:00am, so that was nice. Liam didn't notice leaving the house without breakfast or milk, since we had to be there at 8:00am.

This was the first MRI with sedation since Liam's central line was taken out. The central line meant Liam didn't have to get a poke for anesthetic, they used the central line. This morning they gave Liam a bit if gas first, then put in the IV in his hand to use for the anesthetic. They also use the IV to inject contrast to get better images with the MRI.

The "before" picture is Liam and Madison in the room before the MRI. In the "after" picture, Liam is putting the mask on teddy to put teddy to sleep. The anesthesiologist was so good, she did the same for both Liam and teddy. Liam wasn't concerned at all going into the MRI, he did really well. Today he even said the "sleepy medicine" was ok. This is good since he's been talking a lot about how he doesn't like the "sleepy medicine".

The oncologist might not get back to us with the results until the end of day tomorrow. We realize (and are grateful) that we are not the highest priority of urgency now. We will have some patience and try to sleep tonight!


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