Thursday, May 9, 2013

MRI Results - Good News Again

I just received a call from Liam's oncologist, there is no sign of any new cancer growth in Liam's head or spine! (no lumbar puncture this time, another one in 3 months) Liam's oncologist, Dr Lucie did an initial review of the MRI with the radiologist. She did emphasize this is not the final report, but this puts our minds much more at ease.

The small unknown area that lit up the MRI back in July is even smaller again. It would be nice for this to completely go away so we don't have to keep watching it, but it's now so small it's hard to find in the image. This is good.

The only concern is the hydrocephalus in his left ventricle. In the last 2 scans, it has increased and the amount of fluid increased again with this MRI. We've been to the neurosurgeon after the last 2 scans to review with him, and both times he has said that we'll keep an eye on it. I don't know at what point they'll intervene. Dr Lucie sent the MRI to him to review again, so I'm sure I'll hear from him soon. The last couple times we've gone to see the neurosurgeon, the team (neurosurgeon, fellow, resident & nurse) pretty much smile at Liam jumping around and playing and say "he looks great to us". They keep a close eye on Liam's motor skills, whether he is getting headaches, and his eyes, these are the things that could be affected by the hydrocephalus. I don't see any of these things being affected. These are also the symptoms of Liam's tumor in the first place, so I am super sensitive to watching all of these things. If Liam would cooperate, I would do the neuro exam exercises every day!

We have an appointment for a physical exam with Liam's oncologist Monday and hopefully they'll have the final results to review.

This is the best Mother's Day present I could ask for.


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