Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating, OT & Immunity

The good news is there is not much to update these days, everything is going well. Liam improves in so many ways almost weekly. I think that he is making up for the 6 months he was getting chemo it felt like he was stalled from growing and developing during chemo.

Recently, on a rainy day, we went to the mall and for the first time Liam walked through the mall instead of riding in the stroller! We always bring the single stroller to the mall, Liam rides and Madison walks. But of course, she's a BIG girl and big girls walk. Liam still gets tired really easy, so it was a big surprise to me when he was willing to walk.

Even with fatigue, Liam is having fun in U5 soccer. He has balance issues, but is doing so well running and kicking the ball. We just can't get him to try to get the ball away from other kids :-).

Eating is always a challenge, but he has set some records with recently. Liam ate 7 McDonald's chicken nuggets and a few fries at one meal, this was a huge meal for him. Although, he may not have eaten the rest of the day... baby steps. We try to remind ourselves that he vomited for almost a year, we can't expect him to love food yet. He hasn't gained weight yet, unfortunately now he's in the 3rd percentile.

The occupational therapist got another student, meaning extra OT sessions for Liam. Liam has weekly appointments for OT, and goes every 6 weeks for physio and speech therapy. It is interesting watching the OT sessions, where they are working on pencil and scissor skills. The area he struggles with is with getting his fingers/hands to do what he wants them to. It takes a lot of time for him, he requires a lot of repetition and practice. He is still unable to put the pencil correctly in his hand, but Liam has mastered the scissors and uses them like a pro. I can't believe how many creative ways OT has to get Liam to spell his name over and over!

To get Liam to practice, we made some name tags. Even though he struggles putting the marker in his hand, once I help him get into place, he is doing really well at printing his name.

I know I've mentioned several times, but it is hard to believe a year ago Liam had troubles standing without falling. He had ataxia, which caused his hands to randomly shake, this is gone now. I am so thankful Liam has come this far in a year and to be working on printing and scissor skills is pretty amazing.

It seems as though Liam's immunity is working well, he was last neutropenic end of October. We don't get Liam's blood counts done regularly anymore, so we don't know where his counts are exactly. Liam is getting the same colds as the rest of the family and fighting them away like the rest of. I still worry about Kindergarten and the number of illnesses that just normally go through the schools... but at least he's getting a chance to build up his immunity now.

Liam still wants to be a race car driver when he grows up and now he has the suit to practice!


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