Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It felt like a big event... we returned the feeding pump! This is the backpack that held the feeding pump that we used with Liam's NG (nasogastric) tube - the tube that went into Liam's nose to his stomach. The pump is inside the backpack, the backpack allowed Liam to be mobile while being fed the formula. No one is sad to give this away, and none of us want to get another NG tube put in. Liam had not gained any weight yet, but his eating is slowly getting better.

Liam has had weekly OT to practice printing and scissor skills, his last weekly appointment is next week. He has come along so well, he cuts out shapes with ease now. What we've learned through these sessions is that Liam may need extra one on one help in Kindergarten with new tasks. But, Liam has shown us that he is very capable of learning and improving. Liam has worked with 2 OT students now, they've both been really great with Liam.

Liam did wonderful at speech and physio today. Physio/speech are now about every 6 weeks, it has been wonderful to see improvements with every appointment (i.e. walking stairs, jumping, balancing, overall coordination). He was very apprehensive, but he tried the climbing wall! I'm so proud of him!!

I am so very grateful for the group of therapists, they have been so great to us the last year and Liam absolutely loves them.


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