Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Everything Going So Well

Liam survived all his birthday parties :-). A weekend of rest was needed for all of us!

Liam is doing so great. He seems to be feeling better all the time. To see him playing with other kids and having so fun is just so wonderful. When we told Liam he was going to take swimming lessons, he told us that he wouldn't go... but we managed to get him to try the lessons. He did really great and even put his face in the water, this is huge for him. I hope that getting more swimming time this summer will get him more comfortable.

Liam's eating is odd. We were struggling with getting Liam to eat more at a meal or eat any snacks. He was eating 3 small meals a day. Then a few weeks ago, things changed. He started to eat more frequently... But started to eat the same food almost all day long. First, it was toast with Nutella, or as we call it "chocolate toast". He started eating 2 slices of chocolate toast 3 times a day, with a few other things, such as soup or a hot dog in between. Then about after a week, he switched from chocolate toast to Cheerios. Now he is eating 2 bowls of Cheerios, 3 times a day.

Liam may have even gained a few pounds to 35 lbs, go figure. We just keep trying to get him to try new foods, and hope someday soon it will improve. He just won't try anything new. We tricked Liam and got some ice cream on his tongue, he acted like we gave him the worst thing in the world. He rubbed his tongue, spit and was VERY mad. If we can't even get him to eat ice cream... sigh.


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