Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick MRI and Follow Up With Neurosurgeon

Liam had his "quick head MRI" this morning to check the hydrocephalus. The good news is that he won't get surgery for it now. Unfortunately, the lateral measurement was 5mm bigger again today. The small increases still indicate a small blockage, but because it isn't a huge change and Liam isn't presenting with any symptoms, they won't do a shunt or surgery yet.

Next routine MRI is the end of August, so they will measure the ventricles to monitor the hydrocephalus again then.

For those who really like the details, the aqueduct is larger now. In May, the doctor said the blockage looked to be there, but the MRI today does not look like it is there. Therefore Liam would be looking at a shunt instead of the scope to fix the hydrocephalus. But we can hope the increase just stops one of these times!

Here is a picture of Liam going into the MRI. He was awake, because the MRI only took a few minutes. (Is this kid a trooper or what for sitting so still!)


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