Monday, December 10, 2012

Liam Update

Things almost feel "normal" for now, while we are waiting to start radiation. As normal as possible anyway. Liam has great amount of energy, he plays all day long. He has some tired days, but he rarely naps, and hardly falls asleep in the car on the way home from preschool now. We've still been to the hospital a couple of times a week, but also making it to preschool twice a week.

Eating is still a challenge. Liam has tried some new foods, he now loves fries and McDonald's chicken nuggets, which he never ate before. He eats gingerbread cookies and girl guide cookies every day, drinks milk, and the odd banana. Because Liam is eating some, we aren't giving him full NG feeds, but we're still doing about 3 feeds a day to make sure he gets enough calories. Not to mention cookies and fries aren't exactly a full range of nutrition. The main thing we are focusing on is just keeping him eating some food, no matter what it is, just to keep everything working. Chemo just is plain cruel to the taste buds, not to mention that Liam has vomited so much, he has an association with eating and vomiting. We won't be aggressive with taking the NG tube away until Liam is done with radiation, we hope radiation won't cause him nausea, but there is a chance. As soon as Liam is nauseous, he won't eat.

Liam has beautiful eyelashes coming in! They are only a few millimeters long, but they are thick and coming in fast. Liam has some fuzzy short hair all over his head as well, but it doesn't look to come in as fast as his eyelashes. It's still hard to tell what colour his hair will be (sometimes it comes in different than before), it looks like it is light, it's hard to see it.

I've been trying to get a Christmas card together, so I've been going over the pictures of the last 225 days since Liam's diagnosis on April 30, it is almost too hard for me to go through them and be reminded of all Liam has gone through.

In the picture, Liam has his stethoscope around his neck, Liam does a perfect physical exam like the oncology doctors do. He will do physical exams on us and Madison and even tell us in a soothing voice that we are doing a good job. When the exam is done, he puts the stethoscope around his neck, just like the doctors do, it's very cute.


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hooray for eyelashes! very cool


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