Thursday, December 27, 2012


Liam is done 8 of 13 days of radiation treatments of phase 1, all without anesthetic. We still are not exactly sure how many more treatments are after that, but it probably is 15 or so more days of treatments for phase 2. We haven't gotten the final details on it yet, it's hard to get in touch with the right people over Christmas, unfortunately, they are very busy.

The iPad is right above Liam's face, Felix the frog is at Liam's feet, Liam is holding teddy and Felix Junior. Before treatment starts, all the stuffies give each other high fives, Liam runs around a bit, then gets up onto the bed. Liam uses the remote to move himself up, then he lays down and they secure the mask over his face and quickly get a show going on the iPad.

In this picture, you can see the laser lights lining Liam up to the dot on the mask. Liam loves the lasers!

Everybody is still so thrilled that Liam is doing the treatments without anesthetic, when we walk down the hall, people I've never met give Liam high fives and tell them he is a star. We are just so happy that they helped us do so! Last week, something was wrong with the imaging so the treatment took extra long, Liam was in the mask for 2 episodes of Curious George (25 mins each). The time varies, but it isn't generally be more than 10 minutes. Having Liam there for that long was definitely a test, and he sat perfectly still the whole time.

Unfortunately, there is a smell of ozone during the treatment and Liam has started saying that it is the "stinky machine", I hope it doesn't both him too much. They suggested the radiation could also give Liam a heightened sense of smell.

Liam had Christmas Day and Boxing day "off" of treatment, but otherwise we are there every weekday at 8:30.


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