Friday, December 14, 2012

First Day of Radiation Done

Troy took Liam to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre for the 9:00am appointment, and I dropped off Madison at a friend's so we could both be there. Liam got going so quickly that I arrived when they were finishing! It's great to get going quickly, and there was nothing I can do during the appointment, so I didn't miss anything.

I was a little nervous because Liam had to have no foods or liquid just in case he required anesthesia, and he really wanted a banana before he left home. I wasn't sure if this would be the factor that would determine how the appointment went, but he forgot about the banana, and it didn't turn out to be a problem. I'm not sure why, but Liam always runs a few laps around the room where he gets the treatments, I suppose it's good to get some "energy out". Liam got going with no problem, he watched "Max & Ruby" on the iPad while he was on the table, with the mask on.

To find out if Liam moved at all, they took a scan before and after the treatment and Liam was in the exact same position, thank you "Max & Ruby". The therapist went into the room and tried to distract Liam, but he didn't even flinch when she waved at him, he is taking his job seriously.

After he was done, Liam got to put the first sticker on his progress chart that they made him (Cars themed). The radiation team was so thrilled that Liam did it without anesthetic, we were talking about it after, and Liam just sat eating his banana, unfazed by it all.

We haven't spoken to the doctor this week, but the plan is for 13 treatments instead of 30, so this is also good news, as this would mean we finish on January 4. (We knew 30 didn't make sense... but they didn't want to confirm the number until the plan was completed) Still not exactly what we wanted to do during the Christmas holidays, but if Liam can do it without anesthetic, we can still plan on doing fun things.

If Liam does decide part way through that he won't sit still, there will be an anesthesiologist at Tom Baker every day, because there is another wonderful little boy we know, too young to go without anesthetic, getting radiation just before Liam. Liam still has his broviac line, so it makes anesthetic quick and easy, if it is necessary.

The biggest challenge of radiation is going to be putting lotion on Liam's head. We need to put lotion on the back of his head several times a day to prevent soreness, which will occur over time. (Some people get to be like they're sunburned). Liam freaks out when we even mention putting lotion on him, not meaning on anything that is sore, he freaks out when we try to put lotion anywhere. And not medicated lotion, just regular lotion, on any part of Liam's body, he freaks out and frantically tries to rub it off with a towel. When Liam was in recovery after a previous anesthetic, Troy put lotion on Liam (because it's a dry time of year in Calgary) and Liam's heart rate went up! All Liam has gone through, and he believes lotion and baths are the worst things, hmm, two my favourite things!


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