Thursday, February 28, 2013

Longer Morning at the Hospital than Expected...

After the last couple of days, wouldn't it be nice to have a quiet day.... no such luck!

Liam had an audiology appointment this morning. Liam's right ear has high pitch hearing loss. The good news is both ears are hearing well in the normal hearing range. Today's test gave the same results as 4 months ago. The chemo drug, cisplatin, is known to impact hearing. Liam has had many hearing exams throughout treatment since the cisplatin can affect his hearing now or later on. He'll continue to be monitored.

Liam was complaining about a headache this morning, which is very odd for him. Liam rarely complains about not feeling well at all. I had to carry him out of his hearing test because he didn't feel well.

On a side note, we went to pick up Madison from the "day care", and Emily (who used to work as child life specialist in oncology) ended up walking Madison around the hospital in a stroller the whole time. Madison was upset in the play area! Talk about personal service!

Liam wanted to lay down on the benches in the hallway. I decided this was enough for me to take him to see a doctor. I took Liam to the oncology clinic, we were lucky to be able to see a doctor very quickly. He did a neuro and physical exam and feels that Liam has a headache from the lumbar puncture. They take everything like this very seriously. Dr Ali quickly reviewed the MRI and lumbar puncture and also let me know that the initial lumbar puncture results look good as well. It was nice to hear again about the good results.

After clinic it was past noon, so Madison was hungry and screaming. We went to the car, and Liam proceeded to vomit all over himself in his car seat. Not the first time, but never fun. Then both kids screamed all the way home. We all ended up with headaches!

Liam still isn't feeling great, he hasn't eaten anything all day. Hydration is the biggest recommendation, but he won't drink anything. Assuming the effects are from the lumbar puncture, Liam should feel better tomorrow.


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