Monday, June 11, 2012

Bye bye beautiful hair?

I'm not sure how many kids can avoid losing their hair when they get chemo. Today, we are noticing a lot of Liam's hair falling out, not in clumps or anything (yet?), but a lot of hair on his shirt.

We keep talking about Liam's friend Cooper's Daddy participated in "Shave Your Lid for a Kid" for Kids Cancer Care last week. Thank you Kevin for letting Tracy get pictures, we keep showing Kevin's picture of the shave to Liam, hopefully this will help Liam out in the process.


Kevin and Tracy said...

Awww. I hope it does help him if he needs it. We've been trying to explain to Cooper why Kevin did it, and that it's not just a "fun" thing that he did for attention. Now he says, "the medicine makes your hair go away, but when you get better, you get hair again!"

The money that the guys raised will go to helping a lot of kids, but if Kevin doing it helps Liam a little extra, we're extra happy about it!

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