Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday before long weekend

Liam's red blood cell count was low, so he got a transfusion this morning. It was an efficient morning, so we were out of the hospital by 1:00. While laying in the hospital bed, Liam was tired and cried out "Mom, my eyes are trying to close!", thankfully he gave in and had a nap.

It was a quiet week from a hospital perspective, we had 2 clinic visits, then the transfusion. Liam had a touch of fever last night and this morning, but they monitored him at the clinic and he didn't have fever while we were there. We will see if we can make it this whole weekend without going to the hospital (with a fever, it's minimum of 48 hours in the hospital), it wouldn't be too surprising if we did have to go.

The kids at the clinic received cute teddy bears with Canada Flag balloons for Canada Day. If we would have been in the clinic for the afternoon, they had entertainment and some of the Stampeders football players were going to meet the kids! That just wasn't enough to keep me there for the afternoon :-)


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