Thursday, June 21, 2012

Liam's Beaded Journey

Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta (KCCFA) has a Beaded Journey program that we're taking part in. We add a new bead to Liam's bead rope for all the tests, procedures, etc he Liam goes through.

In addition to MRIs, chemo, etc, when we have a fun day, or something special, I have some special beads and Liam picks which one he wants. We had a fun day last week playing outside in the tent and on the play set, Liam selected a pink dotted bead for that day. We also bought alphabet beads, and when his friends come to visit, we put on a bead with their initial. When family visits, we have beads for them as well, Liam's beaded journey starts back in March, when his symptoms first started, so the rope begins with a bead on for Auntie Ami's visit (yellow butterfly) and for Nana and Papa's visit (orange star). Grandpa & Grandma - blue star, Grandma and Alex - purple beads, Auntie Shauna - pink butterfly and Auntie Tanya - clear heart.

See their website Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta


David Kaspar said...

What a great idea. Lovely journal and keeps the mind busy!

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