Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Clinic Visit

We saw Dr Lucie today, Liam is good to go to start chemo cycle 2 tomorrow. A little detail as to what our day looks like tomorrow:
10am Oncology outpatient clinic at the Children's Hospital
10:15am Liam gets blood drawn and connected to IV fluids
10:50am Liam gets general anesthetic
11:00am Lumbar puncture (to check on amount of cancer cells in spinal fluid - once per cycle)
Chemo injection into spinal fluid (takes about 2 minutes)
11:20am Cut Liam's nails - yea, we take advantage of his grogginess since he hates having his nails cut!
2:00pm-4:00pm Chemo through IV
Rest of the day/night - hang out while Liam gets IV fluids

This may all take place in the outpatient area, or we may be admitted to Unit 1 sometime after the lumbar puncture, it just depends on bed availability, as people are generally discharged later in the day. Liam will be restricted to his room (whether it is outpatient room or Unit 1), as he has a cough, to protect the other patients.


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