Monday, July 9, 2012

Chemo Cycle #3

"Help doctor, I have cars in my eyes!"

We have a lot of self entertainment sitting in exam rooms.

We saw the doctor this morning (actually, we saw the head oncologist, a fellow AND a resident today). We got Liam's blood counts, his platelets were questionable last week to start chemo, but they were way above the minimum number this morning, without having to have a transfusion for platelets this cycle.

Around noon Liam got his anesthetic, then his "routine" lumbar puncture and chemo injection into his CSF. That only takes a few minutes, he's having a nap now (1:15pm). After a small amount of anesthetic Liam tends to have a nap. The anesthesiologist makes sure she can wake him, monitors his vitals, and lets him nap. He was exhausted this morning, likely after all his birthday celebrating yesterday.

Cycle #3 is the same as the first 2 cycles, he has chemo today, Tuesday and Wednesday, then IV fluids until Thursday afternoon. Assuming all is good, we will go home Thursday.

Cycle #3 is the last of the induction chemo. Unfortunately next is the high dose chemo, we don't know what is in store for that until we get there, but it will be much more tough than we are experiencing now. There are 3 cycles of high dose chemo, 28 days each (the current is 21 days).


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