Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend at the Hospital

We haven't been discharged yet. Liam's body is taking more time this cycle to get his blood counts back, maybe due to whatever caused the fever, they didn't find any specific reason for the fever, but they can't check for everything. Liam is still feeling good and hasn't had a fever again. They are just waiting for his blood cell counts to come back up before letting us go home.

The doctor gave Liam a "day pass" to leave for a few hours. We figure going home would be too tough on Liam, he'd get upset at coming back to the hospital, so Troy took him to the park at the hospital. (I had a much needed break from the hospital at home with M)

Does this picture scream "freedom" or what!

A little golf, a little soccer, all just outside the hospital door. The backside of the hospital might be the windiest part of the city, but Liam didn't mind.


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