Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Change of Plans

Change of plans again. On Friday, Liam had another MRI, which showed something abnormal, it looks like a cyst in the same place as the original tumour, but they can’t tell what it actually is. They know it’s not solid, like the original tumour was, but we need to know what it is before going forward with treatment. 

We got the call from the oncologist last night, they are going to book surgery next week, we don’t know what day yet.
It takes a week after the surgery to get the pathology. If the pathology shows it's malignant (bad), we'll be starting a new plan for treatment (some combination of radiation and high dose chemo). If it's not malignant, we'll continue the finish current protocol (plan) with the high dose chemo.

We were meant to start the high dose chemo / stem cell rescue this week, but that is on hold.
It’s going to be the quietest week we’ve had in a long time, recently we’ve been at the hospital 3-4 days a week, this week we might only be there for appointments 1 day! (Although I shouldn’t jinx it, you never know what else might come up)


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