Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feeling Good

Liam started antibiotics and hasn't had a fever since. So, we are pretty much just waiting our 48 hours out.

Liam did had a blood transfusion last night, as his hemoglobin count was low. Liam is feeling good (he was feeling good yesterday too, despite the fever), we're just trying to keep ourselves entertained and trying to ignore the lovely weather outside.

Liam is also having a lot of baseline tests these days, before he has the high dose chemo (which starts at the end of July). Today was an eye appointment, the optometrist at the Children's Hospital was excellent. Liam had to get the dilating eye drops, he was NOT impressed with that. His eyes are in good shape, and his vision is good.

These are the tests that I know of. To be honest, they just hand me requisitions and we go for the tests, there are so many, there are probably more than this.
Optometrist (done - good)
Dentist (done - good)
Chest x-ray (done - good)
Bone age test x-ray (done - good)
Audiologist (done every 3 weeks, so far so good)
Kidney GFR (to do)
Echo/ECG (do do)


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