Friday, August 3, 2012

Surgery Tuesday

We met with Liam’s neurosurgeon who did the full resection of the tumour initially. Discussing surgery brought back difficult feelings of how hard the news was in the first place, and going through the surgery with so many unknowns, everything new to us. I asked the neurosurgeon if I was mistaken that the tumour was 4.5 cm, she replied “at least that”. Hard to believe, she showed us the original MRI again, Grade 4 of 4 Medulloblastoma right there written on the pathology report. 

The new "lesion" (cyst) is in the tumour bed of the original tumour, which was in the cerebellum, at the back of the head.

We had our appointment with the neurosurgeon, then we called our oncologist to talk with her again. I’m so thankful that they both were willing to spend so much time with us yesterday to talk to us.

Here we go again. Liam will go into surgery Tuesday morning to remove the 5 mm lesion and get a biopsy to find out what it is. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a week before we get the pathology.

I won’t likely post again this weekend as we will be busy having fun!


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