Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Caring for Kids Radiothon

Wow, what a morning participating in the Caring for Kids Radiothon. After the interview was done, Liam said that he wanted to come back and do it again tomorrow!

I was very impressed at how organized the Radiothon was. We got there a bit before 10:00, checked in and Liam got a choice of stuffy from the treasure chest. Liam picked a teddy bear the exact same as one his sister has. Jody took Liam and introduced him to all the volunteers. I'm not sure Liam said too much, but nice that he did mingle.

During the interview, Liam sat at the microphone with the headphones on, driving his cars around the microphone. At one point I thought I was going to laugh. He took the headphones off, put them on his teddy and held teddy up to the microphone.

It is still incredibly hard to retell the story. It is still even hard for me to believe that this has consumed the last year of our lives. During the interview, Liam sat there playing like any 4 1/2 year old. It is hard to believe that he's been through so much.

We can't speak more highly about our experience at the Alberta Children's Hospital. So many people go above and beyond on a daily basis there. We are so lucky to have such wonderful facilities here. Please consider donating to the Radiothon.

Here are all the Radiothon Stories. Liam's story is posted at Feb 6 at 10:15am, or here is the a direct link Liam's Story.

To donate to the Caring for Kids Radiothon

Liam met Paul Brandt and got his autograph! Liam was thrilled to meet a cowboy. Paul Brandt is a great guy. He made sure to make time for everyone who wanted to meet him and get his autograph.


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