Monday, February 4, 2013

Eating & colds

It was bound to happen, Liam (and the rest of us) have gotten colds. Liam has had fevers, etc during chemo, but no cold symptoms the whole time. I just can't believe we were lucky enough for the colds to hit right after treatment was done. And not on a week that Liam had to have anesthesia, as they don't like to give anesthetic when kids have colds. So far Liam hasn't had a fever, which is good, since he still has his central line, he would have to go get IV antibiotics at the hospital. Liam has low immunity, but is not neutropenic (no immunity) so it is very nice not to have to panic about the sniffles... yay for normal!

On a separate note, Liam doesn't have his feeding tube! He had a random vomit late last week and the tube came out. Liam hates getting the tube in so much (it's pretty horrible), we are able to get him to eat by reminding him if he doesn't eat he'll be going to the hospital to get a tube. He is not eating well, but he is nibbling. Tonight has been the biggest meal so far, Liam ate more than 1 hit dog and about 5 fries! This was a lot for him, he eats such small bites, it takes him forever. We basically will let him eat anything he wants anytime, but even this doesn't tempt him much. We went to clinic today, Liam's weight is a bit down so we really are hoping we can get him to eat enough. It is a full time job to find what Liam will eat, he really doesn't care if he eats or not, and he refuses to try anything new.

We had clinic today and other than the hydrocephalus and sniffles, Liam is doing great. The doctor always tries to do neurological test "games" with him, but he is so stubborn, he almost always refuses to play with her. But, overall she is  happy with how he is doing and we don't even need to go for a regular exam for 1 month. For February, we "only" have appointments for PT/OT/speech, appointments with the nutritionist, the neurosurgeon, and MRI and lumbar puncture and an audiology test. Waiting for the MRI and lumbar puncture at the end of the month will be the most difficult, I even learned a term for it "scanxiety".

Weight May 23, 2012 15.2 kg (33.5 lbs)
Height May 23, 2012 99.3 cm (3 feet 3 in)

Weight Feb 4, 2013 14.9 kg (32.8 lbs)
Height Feb 4, 2013 103.6 cm  (3 feet 4.8 in)
Despite all the horrible chemo/radiation, Liam has grown taller!


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