Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MRI Results Good News

It's been a long day of waiting to hear about the MRI. I paged the doctor at around 4:00 to find out the results.

Our primary oncologist, Dr Lucie is on vacation so we contacted Dr Strother. Dr Strother reviewed the MRI report and images. There is nothing new showing in the MRI, they checked Liam's brain and spine. The spot that Liam had surgery on in August is still there, but appears to be showing a bit less. Dr Strother is the one that told us about that spot in the first place, so he is very aware of it.

Liam still has increased fluid in his brain that needs monitoring. The neurosurgeon will also be reviewing the images to compare with the last ones. We won't get the results of the lumbar puncture for a week or so.

This is good news. I just wish I could feel the sense of relief that I should. 3 more months until the next scans.

We will have a more detailed discussion with Dr Lucie on Monday.


Dustin Aleksiuk said...

Congratulations you guys. It sounds like the best news that it could be.

Kath said...

Hi Karla Troy and Liam, our thoughts and prayers are with you - good news on this go round! I cannot believe what a chip off the old acorn Liam is! The resemblance is remarkable:0) I admire your strength, God be with you through this...

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