Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post Treatment Tests Tomorrow

Every 3 months we have a day that could potentially be the worst day of our lives. Again. Every 3 months Liam gets the MRI/lumbar puncture to find out if the evil cancer has decided to return. Every 3 months for 2 years, as this is statistically when the most relapses occur.

If there is a blessing, it is that the kids are oblivious. They are playing and having fun and have no idea what the MRI means. Their biggest worry is when they can't find the toy they want.

Liam is doing so great! He's happy, he's playing, he looks wonderful. If only this could be an indicator that the cancer is not back. Unfortunately, this doesn't tell us anything. If there was recurrence, he would not be showing any signs of it this soon.

I just hope the doctor can review the scans quickly so we can get results tomorrow. Unfortunately, our oncologist is on vacation. The head of oncology will be reviewing the scans, so I just hope he isn't too swamped tomorrow.


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