Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy day of Play

Liam had a big day! First he had a visit from Grandma and sister, they set up train tracks and almost kind of played together.

Then this after Marc the music man came to Liam's room for music therapy. This time Liam was much quicker to warm up to him, Liam loves music.

Then Liam went to the play room - first time out of the room since we arrived Sunday! Friday is video game day in the play room, the volunteer patiently played Toy Story with Liam for an hour, lucky for Liam he was the only one in the play room, so he didn't have to take turns!

After video games, we got back to the room and did a huge puzzle. He wanted to do the puzzle, because he "wanted to scare the nurse when she came in". That is how I know he likes his nurse today! In the picture, Liam is showing teddy his work (the puzzle).

Liam hasn't had a fever again, so if he continues without a fever, he will get chemo Saturday and Sunday, then the stem cell rescue on Tuesday. 


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