Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chemo Day 2 Baths for Liam and Baby Teddy

Liam is not thrilled about his baths and dressing changes for his central line every 6 hours. At 4:00am he jumped up and down in the tub crying. I put on Backyardigans during his dressing change, because he needs to stay still, he needs something to keep his attention. Unfortunately though, he woke up a bit too much, and then after the Backyardigans were over, he needed a bedtime story at 4:30am!

Liam was tired this morning, he was pretty grumpy, thank goodness he had a good nap today, he needed it.

His skin is looking dark in spots, the thiotepa must be affecting him more this time. He is darker around his neck and on his stomach, they say it won't be permanent.

Liam could also be grumpy because he hasn't eaten all day. He has taken his oral medications by mouth with a bit of juice, but that is all.

Unfortunately, Liam's favourite blue bear also has to go home for a bath, which was a BIG problem today. The 2 other identical blue teddies just aren't the same! His favourite one is now called "baby teddy". When baby teddy went for a bath, Liam was very sad because he said baby teddy was alone and crying, and baby teddy needed him! But, now Liam has "mommy teddy", and seems to be fine this afternoon with "mommy teddy". The teddies having names is fairly new.


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