Friday, September 14, 2012

MRI Great News

Liam is no stranger to MRIs these days. I am surprised at how much MRIs can tell you and not tell you.

The new area that "lit up" the MRI that resulted in Liam's August 7 surgery requires monitoring, because they didn't take the whole area out, due to the potential harm to Liam. (It was located in the cerebellar peduncle, for anyone that has knowledge of the brain)

The "lit up" area first showed up in July, then we had waited a month to see what happened to that area, and unfortunately in a follow up MRI at the end of July had shown some change. Not really growth, but "flare" in the MRI. This was why they did the surgery.

The good news from the surgery was that the pathology of that area was that it was likely necrosis (dying cells from original surgery) or something.

Liam had another MRI this week and the GREAT news is that the area that "lit up" the MRI has gotten smaller! Even unchanged would have been good news, but the area getting smaller is great news. This means the cells are healing or whatever, they can't say for sure.

Finally some good news without any uncertainty, questions or confusion!


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