Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crafty Day

Liam is getting sick of the hospital room, but who can blame him. Right now, he hardly will speak to doctors and nurses, I think he gets sick of “what is your bear's name”, “who is your favourite Toy Story character”. Everyone is very sincere and tries really hard, but poor kid, tonight will be our 50th night stay at the hospital.

By mistake, the people who draw blood, barged into the room with needle and rubber band and announced Liam needs a poke. WHOA, step away from my kid! Someone requested labwork and forgot to indicate that Liam has a central line. I quickly sent them packing to speak to the nurse, but Liam pays attention to everything, he knew who they were. That put him in a bad mood early on today. (it was a mistake, he did not need the poke)

On the other hand, this morning, Liam’s physio therapist and speech therapist (OT was unavailable today) came for his appointment in Liam’s room, he was so excited to see them, he loves to play with them. They are so amazing at coming up with games that he likes to play, while getting him to practice neck stretches, and testing his range of motion. The visit from them really perked Liam up this morning. 

Then we did some painting, Liam hasn't really liked painting much before, he really had fun this morning, his room is quickly getting decorated with his art.

This afternoon, Liam wanted to nap on the floor on his mat, and he kicked me out of the room! He actually wanted me to stay in the bathroom, but I told him I'd go into the hall instead. I also can’t blame him for being sick of me, we’ve spent a lot of time in this hospital room together. Not to mention that Troy is not feeling well, so we can't put Liam at risk of catching whatever he has, so he hasn't been here and I haven't left the hospital in days.

It turns out, we won’t be leaving the hospital this week. When Liam had his fever, he tested positive for a bacteria, and he requires a 10 day cycle of IV antibiotics for it, we are only 3 days into it.


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