Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day Pass Trip Home

Liam has been getting daily "day passes", we were finally brave enough to bring Liam home. We we worried that going home would mean a big "break down" to get Liam back to the hospital. But, we explained to Liam we were going home to pick up toys and have a bit of play, and he was ok going back to the hospital.

What a great break from the hospital 4 hours is! We are fortunate to be only 20 minutes away from the hospital so going home is an option for us. 

The doctors decide day by day whether a "day pass" is appropriate, depending on Liam's blood cell counts, and just in general, how Liam is doing. Liam's blood cell counts have not hit 0 yet, so the toughest days, in terms of how Liam feels are yet to come.


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