Friday, September 7, 2012


I don't know what we would do without the Good Earth coffee shop at the hospital, they make great lattes with pretty designs in the milk froth and even when the line is long, they are fast! Not to mention they are such nice people.

A challenge in the hospital is that it is hard for us to leave Liam's room, it's tough for him to stay alone for long. When he has to go to the bathroom, we have to unplug his IV pole and drag it to the bathroom. And he's stuck in the same place, gosh forbid if a toy rolls or falls out of reach! The nurses are around, but they don't always hear him. Another Mom stopped at the door to talk to him one day last week when he was upset, that was super nice.

Every morning this week, I ask Liam, "can I go get a coffee, Liam?" He responds with a big "NO MOMMY, YOU CAN'T GO". So I tell him to let me know when I can go. 5 or so minutes later Liam will point to the door and yell "GO!" Poor kid just needs to have some control in his life, so I patiently (well, i try to be patient, despite being desperately tired) wait until he yells "GO!". It's pretty cute though, we find our way every day to change things up make things work.

Considering Liam has been in the same room 18 consecutive nights, and went a week without leaving the room once, he's doing so well.


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