Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quiet Day in Between Chemo & Stem Cell Rescue

Liam's a very tired guy. Two nights of going to bed late because of his bath, then getting up in the night for a bath at 3am, and getting up several times to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness the bath and dressing change every 6 hours is over, now it will be daily.

Liam had one tiny bite of banana, and one tiny bite of cheese, but that was all yesterday and today, I don't know how he doesn't get hungry. Well, he does get very grumpy, somehow it's just not enough to get him to want to eat. I can only imagine the number of things the chemo is doing to his stomach and taste buds. Tonight, we put the NG tube back in.

Tomorrow is stem cell rescue day, so it will be a big day for the little guy.

Tonight is Liam's 12th night in the hospital this admission, it's getting to be a blur. Last time was 18 nights, so we are definitely going to exceed that this time. The total nights is now 63 nights that Liam's stayed in the hospital.

The best case that we can hope for, is to get discharged is in 11 days.


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