Monday, November 12, 2012

Counting Calories

It feels like we are spending every moment trying to get Liam to eat. I do not get how he doesn't seem to get hungry. Yesterday, with all his nibbles, I think he *may* have gotten 600 calories.

Liam actually tried french fries yesterday, he would never even touch them before. He only ate 4 though. At this point, we're pretty much offering him anything/everything, but he won't each much of any one thing.

With Liam's tube feeds, he'd get between 1000-1400 calories, so he's got a way to go to get enough calories!


curls said...

We did a lot of calorie counting with our oldest to try to get him on the weight chart... Will Liam eat avocado? Kieran would not! otherwise we put butter and olive oil on everything... Minigo worked well too... and milk was a mixture of homo milk + cream + powdered milk. Are certain textures easier? Part of Kieran's problem is over active gag, so in between textures and mixed textures made him feel like vomitting - not sure if Liam would have a similar thing from all the nausea he's had, but we can still only do perfectly smooth and crunchy but nothing in the middle (except funnily enough oatmeal)

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