Friday, November 23, 2012

Still Waiting

A week has gone by and unfortunately we still don't have a plan for what the radiation will be. We need to speak with the radiologist and we can't get in to speak with him. This is very frustrating as our oncologist wants to get going.

The positive - the kids play and play and they have no worries besides what toys they want to play with next. The negative - I sit by the phone/email waiting for the radiologist, trying to coordinate all the other appointments while kids scream in the background (because kids always know when a mama is on the phone), feeling sick to my stomach not knowing what we are doing next.

From the stories I read online of other families with kids with Medullobastoma, I better get used to the waiting and unknown. With MRIs every 3 months, and the chance of relapse the highest in the next 2 years, I guess we'll be in a state of waiting and worrying for a long time. Good times.


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