Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hospital trip

For the six months of Liam's chemo treatment, we almost never brought Miss M to the hospital with us because we always had someone at home to look after her. I am so thankful for not having to bring her along, it would have been very challenging for some of the clinic visits. She would really only come for a visit to the unit when Liam had a longer stay.

Now that Miss M is a bit older and clinic visits are generally quicker, she's been having a lot of fun coming with us for appointments, and it's actually fun for all of us. She goes to Emily's Backyard babysitting for part of the time, and she will play with Liam in the clinic for part of the time.

The psych-neuro-whatever it's called assessment that Liam had today went very quickly. Though, I am actually not sure if that's because Liam did really well or he wouldn't cooperate, haha. The psychologist didn't want to tell me in front of Liam. But, nonetheless, they spoke to child life specialist ahead of time, she let them know that Liam loves Cars and puzzles, so as a reward Liam got a huge floor Cars puzzle!

The picture is of the kids in the cafeteria, they were angels today. I am one lucky mom.


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