Thursday, November 1, 2012

Discharged Yesterday

I didn't get to post my routine discharge picture and blog posting yesterday because a) Liam was WAY too grumpy to take a picture, so we didn't even get a picture on the way out of the hospital b) We had 2 cars at the hospital, so I couldn't post to the blog while driving

Then we got home, brought the bags in, ate, then we went out to a few houses trick or treating. It was very cold out, but the kids still wanted to go. Liam even ate a few Smarties when we got home, he has never liked Halloween candy, go figure.

And now the home chaos begins. It is much harder to post to the blog when I'm at home. Not to mention I have 2 children both who think they are the "only child" these days. Liam requires many medications and NG feeds through the day. The other child thinks she's an only child because she essentially has been home by herself with the Grandparents for 6 months.

If Liam is feeling better next week, we might be able to attend Jamie's Preschool, the few times we went last school year, Liam loved it. And siblings are welcome as well, I think his sister might like it even more than Liam, as she hasn't really seen any other kids much the last while.


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