Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quiet afternoon

Liam had sedation for his MRI and lumbar puncture this morning, so he is a bit groggy now. His back hurts from the lumbar puncture when he stands up, but refuses to take Tylenol. Liam takes a few other medications, not sure why he won't take the Tylenol.

Liam's tube is still out, although he has lost a little weight, so I'm not sure how long we can wait for him to start eating more. We are spending all day long trying to get food into him, there is just nothing that he loves.

We still don't know what is next, it depends on the results of the MRI/lumbar puncture. We will find out the results hopefully sometime next week, then we'll have another discussion with our doctor. We are trying to enjoy some normality, but it is so difficult not knowing what we're doing next and just waiting.

Liam went to preschool 2 days this week, he loves it.


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