Monday, November 5, 2012

Flu Vaccine Excitement, wha?

For the last 6 months, all things medical have been about Liam, he's been through so much. We were discussing when we'd go get flu shots, Liam wasn't going to get one, so I suggested we'd let Liam stay home with Grandma instead of going to the flu shot clinic. Well, no! Liam was very enthusiastic to see other people going to get "pokes"!

Liam watched as M and I got our flu vaccinations, he was pretty excited. When I was getting mine, he told me to wiggle my toes and made funny faces while we got our "pokes". He has the the distraction technique mastered, he's seen it enough.

It was funny to see him so enthusiastic about us getting shots. I can only imagine how it was nice to have it be someone else.


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