Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Done BMT

Liam is in the chair of the outpatient clinic where they do Liam's bloodwork (getting bloodwork from his central line is uneventful, Liam doesn't say that he feels anything), in the picture, he was shaking the vials of his blood that they send to get his CBC, etc.

For the 3 cycles (3 months) of high dose chemo with stem cell rescues/transplants, Liam has been under the care of BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant). He saw his BMT doctor on Tuesday, and Liam was given the "all clear" from their perspective. Liam's care will now handed back to his oncology doctor. I'm not sure what the trigger was, but by the end of the appointment, Liam was dancing around the room, the doctor, resident and nurse all had a laugh and felt pretty good about how he's doing.

Liam is feeling very good, he is pretty much playing all day long. I am curious as to when his hair, eyelashes and eyebrows will start growing back, everything did start growing back in between the induction chemo and the high dose chemo, but fell out again with high dose chemo.

Liam hasn't started eating much yet, some milk and Smarties. Hopefully this will come back soon.

Liam's weight & height:
May 23, 2012 15.2 kg/33.5 lbs, 99.3 cm/39 in
Oct 26, 2012 15.2 kg/33.5 lbs, 101.6 cm/40 in


Dustin Aleksiuk said...

It's amazing how used to being poked and prodded he is. He's tough. My 11 year old has to see a GI specialist tomorrow, and she's terrified of the blood test.

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