Thursday, November 8, 2012


Liam was finally able to go to preschool today! We are so lucky there is a preschool for children with compromised immune systems, Jamie's Preschool. They are very flexible, they understand that things can be up in the air as to when Liam is able to go or not, and they realize how much these kids need to be able to play and learn. Little sister is also welcome, which is also important as she really hasn't even seen other children in 6 months, and we keep her away from play areas in malls, etc due to germs and the need to protect Liam. They were both so excited and had a great time.

The downside is we got home and Liam basically had a tantrum for 3 hours, he was just so exhausted and was too worked up to sleep. Things are not easy after the last 6 months.


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